What People are Saying


Brett - CEO

“Jane Lee’s Positive Boundaries Coaching has been invaluable. It has helped me develop my career and gain a deeper understanding of myself. I hadn’t realised that while Jane was coaching me under the guise of business coaching, what I really gained was a deeper understanding of my personality and the effect my attitude and leadership style has on my professional life. The “proof is in the pudding”. I went from a struggling business owner to the CEO of a national company in a year. Had it not been for Jane’s coaching I may not have taken the leap and certainly wouldn’t have been ready to fill the large shoes necessary to take on this role.”


Lisa - Tennis Coach

The Boundaries course was so much more than setting safe parameters for your life - it reminded me about taking responsibility for my own actions and feelings, purposed by the goal of love, a life long work in progress. It takes a while for the ‘who owns it?’ to sink in, but so worth while when the penny drops! I highly recommend people from all walks and stages of life to participate in this brilliant course facilitated by the beautiful, insightful Jane Lee.



“I am a mum of 4 and a grandmother of 4. Life was good, except I lacked one thing... boundaries! It has been a lifelong struggle for me to be able to say no to people because I didn't want to hurt their feelings. Consequently, I've ended up exhausted, depressed and feeling manipulated. Through Jane's course, I've built a stronger self-image and I am now able to politely say no without feeling guilty. This course was truly liberating.”



“Jane is kind and respectful yet strong, in that she challenges areas where you lack self ownership (the key to being empowered and free) and where your boundaries are not in order. The result from such coaching is that I became a more authentic person, more peaceful and loving.”

Gabrielle - Former teacher

“ I recommend this course to everyone. I wish I would have learnt all its content 60 years ago. It’s really a basic course for anyone because it improves relationship and communication. Jane is a very good communicator and encourages us to ask questions. She has an endless knowledge about this topic and others. You will not regret attending this course.”