Positive Boundaries


Equipped for the ebb & flow of life.


Jane Lee

Accredited Life & Wellness Coach

A particular passion I have, is in helping people make the connection between freedom and responsibility, separateness and oneness and to manage our “yes” and our “no” in a way that cares for self and others .

The successful joining of these aspects of life is the basis of love and wellbeing and the foundations of healthy boundary development.

The positive benefits of attending to this area of life can come in the form of greater self- management and freedom, improved relational health in general that supports single life, married life, parenting life, professional life that includes business leadership and management and … the relationship that I have with myself.

 This also creates the added potential for a decrease in anxiety, an increase in the giving and receiving of love, the removal of harmful stress and its effect on our physical health, and the ability to imagine and create a good life.

Having a coach along-side, to inspire and cheer you on as you create your own pathway forward and to be your accountability partner, is a sure - fire way to move into your desired future.

About Me

I have been a facilitator for small groups in boundary development and general life principles over a number of years and am a Professional Life Coach from the Life Coaching Academy Australia which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) of which I am a member.  I am also a certified Wellness Coach and Facilitator for the Prepare /Enrich marriage programme, teaching communication skills, conflict resolution and stress management.

 I am committed to the process of personal growth that enlarges our heart and our capacities, to live the life that we are designed to live – prosperous, generous, fearless and overflowing in love, enjoying the fruit of great choices along the way.

 Married for over 40 years with 3 magnificent children and their equally magnificent spouses and two little grandchildren who light up our heart, we live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. My husband is a pharmacist and for 40 years we have been working in and connected to, the health care industry together. We are naturally pointed in the direction of health and well-being, to seek for it in every area of life: physically, emotionally, relationally and professionally, for ourselves and those around us.

 I look forward to meeting you!

Services Provided

  • Coaching one on one, face to face is available, as well as:

  • Coaching one on one, online

  • Coaching for Business and Executive Professionals

  • Speaking engagements

  • Group coaching around the theme of healthy boundary development

  • Wellness coaching for health and well-being

  • Family and parenting coaching

  • Facilitation of the marriage programme Prepare/Enrich, using online assessment, teaching:

- Communication skills

- Conflict resolution

- Stress management.

  • Coaching sessions are arranged in packages of 6 sessions, 12 sessions and ongoing. Individual sessions are also available.

What is Coaching?

Coaching differs from other professional disciplines such as counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, training and mentoring, in that it is a forward focussed process, not engaged in the healing or restoration of past emotional wounding and it does not seek to remedy or give advice.

This means that the ownership and responsibility for the outcome stays with the client and in the coaching situation, the client is the expert of their own life and the coach is a facilitator of the process.

Coaching seeks to inspire and create awareness of what is possible and how to go forward towards achieving satisfying goals, being drawn into the purposeful and passionate future that each individual is personally fitted for.

Sessions progress through a structure that uses strategic questioning to produce this awareness, culminating in effective actions, created by the client themselves. A coach is not called to fix but to help people shift toward their goals. The self control of the client is always honoured.

Coaching is confidential and non judgemental and is normally around 45 minutes per session.

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as:

“Partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.”